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Hello! My name is Cassandra and I am the owner of
BadStitch Creations, based out of Bristol in Rhode Island
(in my little craft room, to be exact).

I identify as: 

  • Female

  • She/Her

  • Millennial

  • Progressive

  • Liberal

  • Episcopalian

  • Bernie Bro

  • Cat Lady

  • Dog Mom

  • Emo

  • Nerd

  • Pisces

  • ENFP

  • Enneagram #4

One of my main goals in selling my designs is to make very unique, one-of-a-kind creations. 

I buy 75% of my fabrics from small businesses and 40%

of those purchases are for

custom-made fabrics and hardware. 

My favorite part about creating bags is the look on someone's face when they found their "thing", their niche! It may be Care Bears, Sunflowers, or Baby Yoda, but whatever it is, I hope I reach you. I hope to put a smile on all generations.

photo of sewist
bad stitch logo -  circle transp copy 2.png

My        Team



Manager & Post Master



Goodest Good Girl &

Lead Sales Associate



Advertising & Modeling

nebula - the chevy equinox that I love


Bestest Road Companion

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